Warm sunny morning. Threats of thunderstorms in afternoon but no thunder & little rain. Potatoes earthed up. Gaps filled in French bean rows with extras sown in a box in the frame when the original rows were found to have germinated badly – ie. after an interval of ten days or so. There is very little difference in development. Blackfly have already settled on about a quarter of the broad beans, though not in great numbers; pinched out growing points. The strings for the runner beans were tangled & stretched out by rain & wind. Apparently four or five stakes are necessary for one of our rows. Weeded & hoed onions which are now three or four inches tall but with many gaps in the rows. Beans & peas have grown very rapidly, some runner bean tendrils lengthening by a couple of inches since Saturday.
12 eggs.

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5 Responses to 26.6.39.

  1. A <a href=letter FDR wrote today while Eleanor was partying in Hyde Park.

  2. Let’s retry that letter.

  3. Roving Thundercloud says:

    Those bean tendrils! Mr. Orwell, meet Mr. Quatermass.

    Forgot to say yesterday that snapdragons, daisies, strawflowers, and zinnias all going full bore as well. Our tomatoes and corn are lagging behind–June has not been hot here this year.

  4. This is where I ask myself, “When was Saturday!?!”
    And then I glance at the calendar and say, “Ha! Two days ago! One inch per day.”

    How is it irrigated, just by rain? What’s the fertilizer? Much mulch? Do you push a wheelbarrow around and hack at the ground with a hoe? What’s Marx been up to? How’s Henry Ford?
    Send me detailed weather reports for your locale, please, for the years 1939-1945. Thank you.

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