Very hot & sunny. Thinned carrots & hoed peas etc. Planted out 48 larkspurs, removing some poor sweet williams. Apparently sweet williams sometimes ‘shoot up’ for several years but cannot be made to do so.
15 eggs + 8 found in a nest.

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4 Responses to 27.6.39.

  1. E.~~
    Thank you for your quick response to my query of yesterday.

    Sweet Williams needs to get into rehab.

    Were the “15 eggs” teleported from “out there?”

    102°F here on a daily basis [82°F at 0400CDT this morning], no clouds within a thousand miles. Wind speed: 0.00 mph. Just keeping my roses on life support causes a surge in the water bill; thus, I weep as my lawn crunches under my feet, on its way to becoming a desolate wasteland.

  2. Keith says:

    This Orwell Diaries thing sounded like it would be really interesting when it started. :(

  3. Once I discovered the decrypting mechanism, I continue to find this blog more and more exciting.

    I have cast the lead characters, by the way: Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman. Hitchcock begged me to let him direct. Screenplay by Dashiell Hammett, of course. Music by Pink Floyd. All camera shots by aerial drones. On the original locations.

    Working title: Eric Blair’s Egg Log.

    Ballooning over the countryside, Cary and Ingrid, both double-agents, float along the timeline in a rickety, wicker basket tethered to George Orwell and sporadically report back [in between lover’s spats, taking potshots at church bells with their pistols, laughing and sipping champagne] to their handlers, Robert Mitchum and Humphrey Bogart, both double-agents.

  4. Steve says:

    Here’s piece about modern sensibilities regarding gardening, from the BBC: Hell on Earth.

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