Fine most of morning, very heavy showers in afternoon. Garden mostly in good condition. Some strawberries ripe, a few broad beans fit to pick, onions improving, runner beans just starting to climb strings. Hay is cut & stacked in small stack about 6’ by 5’, but not yet certain whether we can preserve this. M.’s milk going off considerably. Ducklings all healthy & lively, young chicks making good growth. Such currants as there are ripening.
Marigolds (a few) in flower. Wild scabius° appearing.
10 eggs (plus 14 laid out = 24).
Sold this week 72 @ 2/2d. Total this week = 120.

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2 Responses to 1.7.39.

  1. Logrus says:

    I think I need a little help on something. When GO says “eggs laid out,” exactly what is he referring to? I am guessing that these are eggs laid out to hatch, but are they new eggs, or what? The number of eggs on a given day is very important to my fiance and I, so I would appreciate any help interpreting this.

  2. Steve says:

    I guess I had been assuming “eggs laid out” meant eggs to be hatched by the broodys, but he’s only mentioned baby bird once, and they were ducklings.

    While we’re wondering (we always wondering), what’s up with Kate?

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