Orwell Diaries 1938-1942


Foreign & General
1. Poland states that Danzig will be occupied if Danzig Senate declares for the Reich. Sunday Times [a]
2. N.L.C.[1] of Labour Party broadcast in German in much the same terms as at September crisis. Observer [b]
Party Politics

Sinclair, Ramsay Muir, Amery, Eden, Cripps, Burgin make virtually identical statements re. resistance to German aggression.° Sunday Times [c]

[a] (TimesArchive) [b] [c] (TimesArchive)

[1] This is probably an error for NCL (National Council of Labour); see 15.7.39, Party Politics, 2. The sense is elliptical, but seems to refer to an appeal to the German people under the heading ‘Why kill each other?’ made by the NCL. Summaries were broadcast by the BBC on the night of Saturday, 1 July 1939, in German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The NCL also arranged broadcasts to German workers from the secret radio stations on the Continent and distributed printed copies of the appeal throughout underground organization. Peter Davison

[2] For more information on Orwell’s ‘Diary of Events Leading Up to War’, click here.