Warmer, sunny most of day.
Planted pumpkin (somewhat too late, & in a too shady position). Earthed up north[1] side of the maincrop potatoes. No gaps, but some very immature. Lifted tulip bulbs. One early potato withered up – trust not disease. Turnips (28.6.39) are showing. One pullet limping.
15 eggs.

[1] Circled by Orwell; ‘west’ written by him on facing page. Peter Davison

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3 Responses to 3.7.39.

  1. Max says:

    That limping pullet sounds highly suspicious to me. And, we all know what pumpkins can turn into. See how ‘north’ suddenly becomes ‘west’ and tell me that Orwell is not up to something here. I wonder if he ever heard of the political allegory? If we knew we might get an idea of what he is really writing about.


  2. Jane says:

    After yesterday’s tantalising look at world affairs, it’s business as usual with pumpkins, potatoes and pullets. My beans are doing much better than Orwell’s this week though. It must be all the rain and hot sunshine we’ve been having. I’m expecting to see a giant’s castle at the top any day now.

  3. The Ridger says:

    I find it interesting that he planted pumpkins in the wrong place. Experiment, or desperation?

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