Foreign & General
1. Fighting reported on Manchukuo-Mongolian border. Daily Telegraph [a]
1. Unemployment now down to about 1,350,000. Daily Telegraph [b]
2. Egg-production of England & Wales in 1937 about 3,250 million. Smallholder, 24.6.39

[a]Daily Telegraph 4-7-39 Page 15 [b]Daily Telegraph 4-7-39 Page 1

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3 Responses to 4.7.39.

  1. Martin says:

    Even in the Foreign and General news!

    “Egg-production of England & Wales in 1937 about 3,250 million. Smallholder, 24.6.39”

  2. The bit about the Japanese offensive to repel a Soviet-Mongol invasion seems devoted to the multiple use of words such as “alleged…..reports state…..claimed.” I suppose it is an attempt to remain neutral/objective [obsequious] in order to tap the vast Asian egg/poultry-poultry/egg market?

  3. This another one of those examples of interesting ephemeral stuff:

    I wonder if my father, who has just graduated from a Toledo OH high school, has heard of this incident and if Shanghai held any interest for him at the time. Circa nine years from now he’ll meet and marry my mother there.

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