Fine & hot. A few raspberries reddening. Phloxes in bud, also bergamot. Goats escaped this morning & ate a lot of fruit tree shoots, rose shoots & some tops of phloxes. Pullets still limping badly & fear some kind of paralysis, tho’ she seems otherwise in good condition. Put gate on duck run & allowed the ducklings out of the coop. Today started new cwt. Of Full-o-Pep & cwt. Of corn. The pullets are also having from the latter, but of course not having laying mash. On the other hand 4 old fowls sold today. The mash therefore has to do for 24 hens, the corn for 32. Mash should therefore last about 35 days, corn about the same (allowing 11 /2 oz. per bird.) Shall try & reach the end before ordering new stuff next time, in order to see how it lasts out. This lot ought to give about the 8th August, which is a Tuesday.
Started the hens on a course of Karswood spice today.

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3 Responses to 4.7.39.

  1. Max says:

    See how the plot thickens. That limping pullet is still around, the hard-hearted garden-farmer is only allowing the ducks out under close supervision, the hens are being forced to eat spice, and the goats have made a dash for freedom.

    Clearly an animal rebellion is brewing. Obviously Farmer and Mrs B. haven’t heard what they’re singing at night in the hen-coup. How can it all end up? Keep your eye on the limping pullet.


  2. I have a sense that a barbecue is in the offing. Wilmer, wearing a “Don’t Mess with the Cook” apron over at the grill, glared at everyone with whom he made eye contact as he basted the goat on the rotisserie with one hand and flipped chicken parts with the other.

  3. J Harold Hutchinson says:

    Is the ‘corn’ in English terminology wheat, oats or barley or is it maize?

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