Hot. A short shower in the evening. Bergamot in bud. The white chick looks bad, & the pullet which is limping no better. A few loganberries ripe enough to pick. Started creosoting henhouse. Sowed radishes, cos lettuce, parsley. E. sowed F[rench] beans.
10 eggs. Sold 2 score @ 2/6

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1 Response to 5.7.39.

  1. Ah. This post is makes me grin, this is what it’s all about; it is so rich in imagery, beginning with asides referencing a relentless sun scorching the Earth and information regarding personal hygiene.
    And then, of course, I can’t help but wonder, “Is the aforementioned ‘Bergamot’ the tree or the flower!?!” The attractive female is an interesting inclusion, but I’m not going there. Finally, why is the pullet expected to limp “better?”

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