Very windy & raining lightly most of the day. Too wet to do anything outside. Nasturtiums in flower. Roses now extremely good. Another 2lb. Strawberries. (3 1/2 lb. to date – am noting amounts in order to see what weight of fruit that space produces).
11 eggs.

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3 Responses to 6.7.39.

  1. Stephen says:

    Is this a well-known syndrome, this agricultural-bounty-measurement thing? I supppose as a journo he would have been counting words per shilling, so strawberries per square foot seems not out of place.

  2. Max says:

    The wicked farmer, his nose stuck firmly in his newspapers, is clearly ignoring his animals and living in a private world of roses, eggs and strawberries. No good will come of this.


  3. “Behaviorally, maximizing the profit potential of minimal acreage is in line with the egg-counting regimen of the subject,” said the fictitious anthropologist, “and some nice strawberries would probably attract flower, poultry and dairy customers.”

    Rumors that Stalin might be a “nice guy” notwithstanding, I think that “no news is good news” when it comes to the goat population, although I would like to see the register receipts. My investigators are investigating the possibility that there is a goat conspiracy.

    The Blair’s get the benefit-of-the-doubt since, after all, they are doing their best to get that pullet to limp better, smearing that gooey, aromatic creosote all over everything and stuff.

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