Foreign & General
1. Fighting on Manchukuo border reported this time from Russian sources (Tass agency). Daily Telegraph [a]
Party Politics
1. At Zurich conference of I.F.T.U.,[1]  British T.U. leaders now advocating affiliation of Russian unions. Manchester Guardian Weekly [b]

[a]Daily Telegraph 7-7-39 Page 13 [b]MG Weekly 7-7-39 Page 7

[1] The International Federation of Trade Unions, established in 1901, had failed to survive World War I. Re-established in 1919, it came into conflict with the Soviet-inspired Red International of Labour Unions. Failure to reconcile differences between Communist and non-Communist trade unions continued after World War II. British, Soviet, and U.S. unions combined briefly to establish the World Federation of Trade Unions, but in 1949 the non-Communist unions broke away to form the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions. The news item above is indicative of fundamental disagreement lasting over many decades. Peter Davison

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