Foreign & General
1. Public Information Leaflet No. 1 (Civil Defence) issued by the Post Office today. Large-scale A.R.P. practice to take place tonight over S.E. England [No separate reference]
Party Politics
1. I.F.T.U. now apparently refusing Russian affiliation, France, Mexico, Norway & G. Britain voting for (the last two conditionally), U.S.A. & most European countries against. Daily Telegraph [a]
2. Trial of Julien[1] Besteiro begins in Madrid today. (J.B. took part in Casado junta). Daily Telegraph [b]
[1] 30 years [Orwell’s note].
1. Rat population of G. Britain estimated at 4-5 million. Smallholder, 7.7.39

[a]Daily Telegraph 8-7-39 Page 8 [b]Daily Telegraph 8-7-39 Page 11

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  1. Mr. A. Lindberg: It is a conflict of ideologists, and the conflict will remain as long as the ideologies exist.

    “It is not a war of ideologies,” the unnamed source whispered to no-one-in-particular, sobbing, “but a war on ideologies.”

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