Raining much of the day, a fine interval in the evening, very windy. Picked some more loganberries. One hollyhock beginning to flower. A few runner beans show buds. Tomatoes flowering, also several marrows. One or two snapdragons beginning to flower. Have evidently been overfeeding the pullets, which are leaving some of their mash. The limping one no better, though otherwise seemingly all right in health, so shall segregate her tomorrow. A few self-sown potatoes uprooted today have potatoes only about the size of marbles on them. Putting the ducklings on mash from today.
10 eggs. Sold 1/2 score @ 2/6. No. this week: 76.

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3 Responses to 8.7.39.

  1. Our hollyhocks have just started to flower as well. Didn’t put in any snapdragons.

  2. Lance says:

    I can imagine a wild garden with a fine nice weather, cool breeze. Something really peaceful. Nice piece of art!

  3. Roving Thundercloud says:

    Have seen hollyhocks here, but they are no longer as popular as in my distant youth. Snapdragons blossoming, but not ripe enough to “talk” yet (I planted them for my toddler, because my own grandma showed me that little trick). Nasturtiums have recently burst into prolific flower.

    Our tomatoes are struggling with the very changeable weather this summer–plants stunted, fruit refusing to ripen (one even rotted off before ripening). Our corn has struggled too–made it to about 2.5 feet tall and now has started to tassel (!). Ripped out the (spent) peas and planted pumpkins for Halloween. Beans growing faster now that the peas are not shading them.

    The farmers’ markets have berries, cherries, and the asparagus is particularly fine this year.

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