Foreign & General
1. Madame Tabouis considers chances of full Russian-French-British pact are now small & hints that Russians wish to regain position of Czarist Empire in the Baltic Provinces. Sunday Dispatch [a]
1. Population of Scotland now more than 5 million. Sunday Times [b]
Party Politics
1. I.F.T.U. rejected motion to invite Russian affiliation, but not v. large majority.[1] Sunday Times [c]

[Orwell’s note]

[1] Majority said to be entirely due to large vote held by Green of the A.F.L.

[a] Sunday Dispatch 9-7-39 Page 11 [b] Sunday Times 9-7-39 Page 12 (TimesArchive) [c]Sunday Times 9-7-39 Page 22 (TimesArchive)

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2 Responses to 9.7.39.

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  2. Max says:

    I see that the rat population of GB has almost caught up with the human population of Scotland. At least that’s what Orwell would have us believe. What’s going on inside his head? Smith, after all, is a Scottish name and Winston is ‘origin unknown’. So an unknown Scot is being chased by 4-5 million rats. And the animals are still being couped up and exploited for their eggs and milk.

    Something is brewing here, and we aren’t being told what.


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