Warm but not very sunny. Pricked out 90 wallflowers (flame). T. [2] thinks the lame pullet may have “the disease” (presumably coccidiosis) in which case it would be better to kill her. The infallible symptom is yellow dung, but apparently it usually starts with lameness in the left leg.
Started the goats on cotton cake to see whether they will eat it. K.’s milk normal again (21/2pts.) 2lb. strawberries. Sussex hen is moulting.
12 eggs.

[1] Orwell originally wrote ‘9’, crossed it out, and substituted ‘7’. His letter to Leonard Moore of 11th June 1939 is also erroneously dated as 11.9.39; see 548, n.1.
[2] Perhaps Mr. Titley. Peter Davison

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1 Response to 11.7.[1]39.

  1. Steve says:

    The last time he got confused about dates, he was getting ill again. Someone who writes in his diary every day ought to know the date, if only by looking at the previous page.

    This is the first mention we’ve had of a chicken breed. I wonder what color she is? We have a speckled Sussex here. Beautiful, friendly, gregarious, talkative. She seems to worry a lot, though.

    Very hot today, near 100, and sunny. This year all tree fruit very fine, cherries just about over.

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