Foreign & General
1. Explusion of foreigners from Italian Tyrol does not include Americans. Rumours that purpose is to cover movements of German troops into Italy. E. Standard correspondent declares this is a mare’s nest. Daily Telegraph [a]; Evening Standard [b]
2. Chamberlain’s speech apparently taken seriously throughout most of world Daily Herald [c]
1. J.A. Spender published letter in Times attacking Sir A. Sinclair. Sinclair’s reply refused publication. Today various prominent Liberals sent joint letter to D. Tel. exposing this, which D. Tel. published  Daily Telegraph [d]
2. Labour amendment to Agricultural Development Bill, to make farm labourers’ minimum wage £2 (present average 35/-) defeated by only 4 votes. Daily Herald [e]
Party Politics
1. Catholic press as represented by the Universe is now strongly anti-Nazi but scarcely as yet anti-Italian &still strongly anti-red as regards Spain. Universe, 7.7.39

[a]Daily Telegraph 12-7-39 Page 1 [b]Evening Standard 12-7-39 Page 7 [c]Daily Herald 12-7-39 Page 2 [d]Daily Telegraph 12-7-39 Page 14 [e]Daily Herald 12-7-39 Page 1Daily Herald 12-7-39 Page 8Daily Herald 12-7-39 Page 11

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4 Responses to 12.7.39.

  1. Max says:

    Now that Orwell is taking at least four papers, the question is where is he getting them from? Does a boy cycle in from Baldock with them or does that nice Mr Blair at the Stores sell newspapers? And what are they talking about at the local pub? Are they raising a pint to those nice gentlemen Tories who voted down the increase in farm labourer’ pay? After all, what would those lazy muck-spreaders do with that extra 5 shillings except buy more beer or start taking left-wing newspapers and getting above themselves?


  2. Had to look up “mare’s nest”. It appears that GO is using it in the older sense of “illusion”, not the more current sense of “muddle”, which started in the ’30s, but didn’t become common until the ’40s.

  3. Stephen says:

    Thanks JS, this is interesting. Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable defines finding a “mare’s nest” as making “what you suppose to be a great discovery, but which proves to be no discovery, or else all moonshine”.

    I suppose it is the equine equivalent of hen’s teeth, only rarer.

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