1. J.A. Spender continues his attack on Sinclair. Times prints other letters to same effect, none contradicting. The Times [a]
Party Politics
1. Labour Party has more or less refused conditional affiliation of I.L.P.  I.L.P. evidently considering all-but unconditional affiliation. The Times [b]; New Leader, 14.7.39

[a]The Times 13-7-39 Page 17(TimesArchive) [b]The Times 13-7-39 Page 8 (TimesArchive)

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4 Responses to 13.7.39.

  1. andrew says:

    these posts like icebergs,
    newspaper clippings beneath,
    me still unknowing.

  2. Max says:

    As Farmer Blair begins to get absorbed in the news, methinks he’s beginning to neglect his blooming garden. (See how skimpy his garden notes are becoming.) And did you see yesterday’s entry about the goats – ‘Let them eat cake!’

    How long will the Beasts of Wallington put up with this sort of treatment?


  3. Wiley says:

    Four feet good, two feet better! Err…

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