Foreign & General
1. Large demonstration against British Embassy in Tokio. Daily Telegraph [a]

2. Celebration of 150th anniversary of taking of Bastille  included march-past of 30,000 troops including British Daily Telegraph [b]

3. Conscription of all persons 18-55 ordered in Hong Kong, but evidently so phrased as to apply chiefly to Chinese & allow exemption to most of the whites. Daily Telegraph [c]
1. Cmr. Stephen King-Hall’s German circular letters thought to have reached 50,000 people in Germany, evading the Gestapo by different-sized envelopes & different methods of folding. Daily Telegraph [d]
2. Beginning of what are evidently large spy-revelations in France (cf. U.S.A.) by arrest of various persons connected with rightwing° newspapers. Daily Telegraph [e]
Party Politics
1. Economic League accuses P.P.U. of being vehicle of Nazi propaganda. Daily Telegraph [f]
2. Individual membership of N.C.L.[1] now said to be 4500. Affiliations: 281 Women’s Co-op Guilds, 30 Trade Councils & T.U. branches, 37 Labour parties & Women’s sections, 10 Co-op parties etc., 53 P.P.U. branches & miscellaneous. Communist press accuses N.C.L. of being a Fascist body. No Conscription, July-August 1939; Daily Worker, 13.6.39 [g]
1. Crowds at Eton-Harrow match estimated at 10, 000 & said to be smartest gathering for some years. [No reference]

[a]Daily Telegraph 15-7-39 Page 11 [b]Daily Telegraph 15-7-39 Page 1 [c]Daily Telegraph 15-7-39 Page 1-2 [d]Daily Telegraph 15-7-39 Page 11-2Daily Telegraph 15-7-39 Page 12 [e]Daily Telegraph 15-7-39 Page 1-3 [f]Daily Telegraph 15-7-39 Page 11-3 [g]Daily Worker 13-6-39 Page 5

[1] No Conscription League

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1 Response to 15.7.39.

  1. Max says:

    George has, of course, quickly focused onm and got the measure of, the CP’s line on a possible war.

    He’s following so many threads – positively octopean or should that be tentacular?


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