Foreign & General
1. British send cruiser & thus prevent threatened anti-British demonstration at Tsingtao. Tokyo conversations evidently not getting anywhere. Daily Telegraph [a]
2. Anglo-Russian pact only just makes front page of D. Tel. Daily Telegraph [b]
1. Definitely states in D. Tel that Saturday’s militia draft (34,000 men) turned up with not one absentee (except cases of illness etc). Daily Telegraph [c]
Party Politics
1. Left wing of Indian Congress party (as judged by “Congress Socialist”) more vigorously anti-war than before. Publishes vicious attack on C[ommunist].P[arty]. from Trotskyist angle, but another article demands democratic bloc. Congress Socialist [no date given]

2. Serious trouble in I.L.P. on pacifist-revolutionary controversy & long statement from I.L.P.’ers (London group) published in “Socialist Correspondence”, which also takes other opportunities of attacking McGovern. Socialist Correspondence

[a]Daily Telegraph 17-7-39 Page 1 [b]Daily Telegraph 17-7-39 Page 1-2 [c]Daily Telegraph 17-7-39 Page 1-3

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2 Responses to 17.7.39.

  1. Max says:

    Thise were the days. Send a cruiser and people who were ‘threatening’ cease to be. I suppose the fact that most of the people who are threatening at the moment live in deserts makes that policy bit of a non-starter.

    And fighting between factions of the ILP, eh? Perhaps, like the Eton and Harrow boys they’ve been watching too much cricket.


  2. Anglo-Russian Negotiations.
    No progress.
    Amplifications received at Moscow.
    All participants now ready to meet.
    A Trotskyist angle on a Stalinist background, audio by Igor Stravinsky and visuals by Henri Matisse.
    Hearsay evidence reveals an unknown witness might have heard someone say, “Look, Sir William, seeds!”

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