Foreign & General
1. Gov.t advising all householders to lay in supply of non-perishable food. Leaflet on the subject to be issued shortly. Daily Telegraph [a]
2. D. Tel. Gives over 2 pages to scale picture of entire British battle fleet. Daily Telegraph [b]
3. German economic mission in Moscow said to be making no more progress than Anglo-Russian pact, with implication that 3-cornered bargaining is going on. [No reference]
Party Politics
1. First appearance of People’s Party in Hythe by-election. Daily Telegraph [c]
2. Appears that Lidell° Hart’s book “Defence of Britain” boosts Hore BelishaDaily Telegraph, 18.7.39 [d]
1. General estimation that harvest this year will be good, & not (as last year) wheat only. [No reference]

[a]Daily Telegraph 19-7-39 Page 15 [b]Daily Telegraph 19-7-39 Page 18-9 [c]Daily Telegraph 19-7-39 Page 12 [d]Daily Telegraph 18-7-39 Page 7

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4 Responses to 19.7.39.

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  3. Max says:

    A huge battlefleet, Germany getting nowhere with Russia, Liddell-Hart on watch, a good harvest, everyone stocking up on non-perishables, the People’s Party on the march. It should be a walkover.


  4. DerekAlmond says:

    “it’ll all be over by Christmas” ?

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