Showers, but mostly fine. Everything now growing very fast. Many peas. A few tomatoes about the size of marbles. One or two marrows about size of peanuts.
Not certain whether a pullet has started laying prematurely or whether the mother hen which is still in the youngster’s run (& which lays a small egg) had laid out, but found an egg in that run today.
Sowed Canterbury bells (prob. Too late, but they do very well if treated as triennials.)
13 eggs (2 very small). Sold 35 for 4/3 (2/6 a score – should have been 4/41/2).

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4 Responses to 19.7.39.

  1. Hazel Sabey says:

    Canterbury bells are biennials. What are terrentials?

  2. Terrentials: Followers of Terentia (98 BC – 4 AD), wife of renowned orator Marcus Tullius Cicero. Famous for moving eggs around when nobody is looking.

  3. Stephen says:

    Surely, a transcription error for ‘terrestrials’ i. e. the plants are ground hugging?

  4. I think that should be ‘triennials’ – apologies!

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