Some sun in the morning, otherwise almost continuous rain all day. Impossible to do anything outside. Notice that hens always eat less in this weather. Top of hay under a few stacks is still dry in spite of the constant rain. Goats show slight tendency to diarrhea from eating wet grass.
Stated today in letter in D. Tel. That for 1 person using electricity for all purposes, except a periodical coal fire for warming, 1800-2000 units is annual minimum consumption.
12 eggs (1 v. small – it is the mother hen that lays these).

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6 Responses to 20.7.39.

  1. The Ridger says:

    The mother hen is weighed down by her responsibilities!

  2. Max says:

    The Goats showing ‘slight tendency to diarrhea’ have obviously been reading the
    Public Information Leaflet 3 (evacuation) mentioned in today’s Political Diary.


  3. George~~
    Isn’t “slight tendency” somewhat ambiguous? Why do you make me wonder such things? Why, oh, why…..wh…..w…..

  4. Paul says:

    Reading Orwell makes me think and it is a pleasure as well !

  5. Roving Thundercloud says:

    I could wish for torrential rain, as we head toward 100 degrees F later in the week.

    At the beginning of this project I remember being a bit disappointed that it had so little political commentary (as were many others). But now, as GO/EB starts ticking off the ominous signs of impending war, most of us seem more moved to comment on the domestic entries instead. Isn’t this what we thought we were waiting for?

  6. Maybe everyone has woken up to the fact that since he spent his whole professional life writing, if not about literature, then about politics, he wouldn’t have any reason to in his diary. Mind you, he doesn’t give anything away about his personal life either, does he?

    I am enjoying the way you’ve all begun to make your own entertainment instead: the spirit of the Blitz, if ever I saw it!

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