Foreign & General
1. It appears from today’s press that the offer referred to in this column yesterday has actually been talked of, but only unofficially. Cabinet disclaim knowledge but evidently know all about it. Presumption is that it has been allowed to leak out to see how the public take it. Terms were: loan (amount not stated) to Germany, raw materials & possible condominium in certain African possessions, against partial disarmament & withdrawal from Czechoslovakia. Sunday Times[a]; Sunday Express [b]
2. Now evident that Russian pact will fall through Sunday Express [c]
3. Calling up of territorials & naval reservists suggests that danger moment will be first week of August. Sunday Times [d]
Party Politics
1. Cause of Queipo de Llano’s dismissal said to be that he protested over tying Spain to the Axis & threatened to declare independence of Andalusia. Sunday Express [e]
2. Nat. Liberals intend to split Gov.t vote in Brecon by-election. Sunday Express [f]
3. Editor (Grey) of pro-Fascist “Aeroplane” has resigned for unexplained reasons. Sunday Express [g]
4. Beaverbrook press now more openly against the Russian pact & for isolationism than for some months past. [No reference]

[a]Sunday Times 23-7-39 Page 13 [b]Sunday Express 23-7-39 Page 1 [c]Sunday Express 23-7-39 Page 4Sunday Express 23-7-39 Page 12 [d]Sunday Times 23-7-39 Page 13-2 [e]Sunday Express 23-7-39 Page 13 [f]Sunday Express 23-7-39 Page 7 [g]Sunday Express 23-7-39 Page 1-2

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1 Response to 23.7.39.

  1. Max says:

    So the ‘loan to Hitler’ story was most likely a deliberate Cabinet leak (‘from an unnamed source’ and ‘officially denied’, no doubt). Plus ca change….


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