Foreign & General
1. Brit-Japanese agreement very vaguely worded but amounts to climbing down on Britain’s part as in effect it amounts to a promise not to help Chinese. Chamberlain denies any alteration in British policy. Daily Telegraph [a]
2. Anglo-Soviet pact back on front page & appears more probable. Daily Telegraph [b]
1. Bill to deal with I.R.A. provides for power to prohibit entry of aliens, deportation of aliens, & compulsory registration of aliens. Also emergency power to Sup.ts of Police to search without warrant. Bill said to be for 2 years only. Not seriously opposed (passed 218-17.) Daily Telegraph [c]


[a]Daily Telegraph 25-7-39 Page 1-3Daily Telegraph 25-7-39 Page 18 [b]Daily Telegraph 25-7-39 Page 1 [c]Daily Telegraph 25-7-39 Page 1-2Daily Telegraph 25-7-39 Page 13 Daily Telegraph 25-7-39 Page 14

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  1. Sitting on a bench, conveniently located along the wall of the wormhole, I thought to myself, “If I were actually here in real-time, even not knowing what I know now, I would not be a Chamberlain fan.”

    Every dictatorship and their brother wants an Anglo-_____ Pact. They don’t want to be squashed as they splay forward, lurching like zombies, with their diabolical smirks and misanthropic schemes.

    I’m trying my best to un-anticipate the imminent sound of a Superintendent’s boot kicking in my front door. They told me I should, maybe, cut back on my intake of Military Channel; I vehemently denied this, of course, and cited your blog, George, as proof.

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