Foreign & General
1. General impression in world press that Gt. Britain has climbed down in Tokyo agreement. Daily Telegraph [a]
2. Another demonstration flight of 240 aeroplanes over France. Joint French-British aeroplane production now claimed to equal German. Daily Telegraph [b]
1. Proposal to affiliate N.U.J. to T.U.C. lost by very narrow margin (ballot showed actual majority for but not 2/3 majority. Daily Telegraph [c]
Party Politics
1. Franco evidently standing by his Axis commitments & seems about due for his June purge against de Llano, Yague & others. Daily Telegraph [d]
2. Litvinoff apparently in disgrace. Daily Telegraph [e]


[a]Daily Telegraph 26-7-39 Page 11 [b]Daily Telegraph 26-7-39 Page 1 [c]Daily Telegraph 26-7-39 Page 8 [d]Daily Telegraph 26-7-39 Page 1-2 [e]Daily Telegraph 26-7-39 Page 11-2

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One Response to 26.7.39.

  1. Max says:

    Same number of planes, eh?

    But, by Jingo, we have got
    The spitfire boys and they have not!


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