Foreign & General
1. More fighting on Manchukuo border. Japanese said to be contemplating blockade of Russian half of Sakhalin. Daily Telegraph [a]
2. French-British-Russian staff talks being arranged for. Question of Baltic states apparently unsettled. Daily Telegraph [b]
3. Public Information leaflet No. 4 (food storage) issued today. [No reference]
Party Politics
1. Conservatives held Monmouth div.n with reduced majority. Both polls dropped. Daily Telegraph [c]
2. Quiepo de Llano appointed ambassador to Argentine. Daily Telegraph [d]
3. Summary of efforts of the various anti-war groups to be found in New English Weekly 20 & 27.7.39 New English Weekly, 20-27.7.39
4. The MP.s (19) who voted against the I.R.A. bill included Gallacher, Pritt, Cripps. New Leader, 28.7.39

[a]Daily Telegraph 27-7-39 Page 13 [b]Daily Telegraph 27-7-39 Page 1 [c]Daily Telegraph 27-7-39 Page 15 [d]Daily Telegraph 27-7-39 Page 1-2

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6 Responses to 27.7.39.

  1. Some info on Public Information Leaflets at:
    The link has a complete scan of the document.

    The full name of the leaflet was “Public Information Leaflet No.4: Your Food in War-Time”

  2. @Willson Many thanks for the link – we’ll link it from the blog post itself shortly!

  3. Max says:

    Is that the young M. Foot we all know and love?


  4. Martin says:

    That is the young Michael Foot – 22 when he stood as the candidate for Monmouth in 1935.

  5. As I try to imagine myself reading this pamphlet to my family at the dinner table, my entrails become a rock-hard knot and my organs cease functioning.

  6. Max says:

    Yes, but we’re not made of the same stuff they were in those days.


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