Foreign & General
1. Americans evidently deciding to denounce commercial treaty with Japan. Daily Telegraph [a]
1. Gov.t apparently considering raising old age pension, no doubt with an eye to general election. Daily Telegraph [b]
2. Rich gold deposits said to have been found near Great Slave Lake in Canada. Daily Telegraph [c]
3. Smallholders & small farmers evidently being incommoded by conscription. First special tribunal under M[ilitary].T[raining]. act had 20 objectors to deal with, none apparently on political grounds. Smallholder; Daily Telegraph [d]
Party Politics
1. Fresh purge in Moscow, including Tarioff, Soviet Minister to Outer Mongolia. Daily Telegraph [e]
2. French handing over £8 millions of Spanish gold to Franco. Daily Telegraph [f]
3. P.P.U., N.C.L., Friends & Fellowship of Reconciliation were able to be represented at first tribunal under M.T. Act. Daily Telegraph [d]

[a]Daily Telegraph 28-7-39 Page 1Daily Telegraph 28-7-39 Page 15-2 [b]Daily Telegraph 28-7-39 Page 1-2Daily Telegraph 28-7-39 Page 11Daily Telegraph 28-7-39 Page 12Daily Telegraph 28-7-39 Page 15 [c]Daily Telegraph 28-7-39 Page 1-3 [d]Daily Telegraph 28-7-39 Page 15-3 [e]Daily Telegraph 28-7-39 Page 1-4 [f]Daily Telegraph 28-7-39 Page 13

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3 Responses to 28.7.39.

  1. The Canadian gold discovery is probably the result of drilling conducted on the Giant Mine property, which was first staked in 1939.

    Although visible gold had been discovered a number of years earlier in the region, the description of a ‘gold rush similar to the Klondike’ is misleading.

    Here’s a history of gold discovery and mining in the Yellowknife region:

  2. “which was first staked in 1939.” … should read “1935”

  3. Stephen says:

    “Fresh purge in Moscow” – vintage Orwell.

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