Foreign & General
1. French general election to be postponed by decree for 2 years (ie. until 1942). Daily Telegraph [a]
2. Evidently° that fairly severe struggle is going on in Spain between Axis supporters (Suñer) & Traditionalists (esp. the generals, Yague etc.) & that there is likelihood of Franco remaining neutral in case of war. Manchester Guardian Weekly [b]; Daily Telegraph [c]
1. Editor of Humanité who was tried in test case for printing various allegations about German espionage in France, acquitted. Order of arrest issued against another journalist for writing anti-Semitic article.[1] Daily Telegraph [d]
[1] Sentence of imprisonment [Orwell’s note].
Party Politics
1. Labour held Colne Valley constituency with increased majority. (Labour vote rose about 1000, Liberals & Cons. Each dropped 2-3 thousand.) Daily Telegraph [e]
2. According to figures given in MG., 3-500 people a week (Republicans) have been shot in Catalonia from May onwards. Manchester Guardian Weekly [f]
1. Guards trooped the colours in 3’s for the first time yesterday. Daily Telegraph [g]

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