Foreign & General
1. Seems clear that Parliament will adjourn as usual with no previous arrangements for recall before October. Sunday Times [a]
2. There are now 60,000 German troops (ie. including police, storm troopers etc.) in Danzig. Sunday Times [b]
3. Seemingly authoritative article in S. Times states that in case of war Jugo-Slavia will certainly be neutral but more likely to be pro-ally if the Russian pact goes through & the Croats are given the degree of autonomy they want. Population of 14 m. includes 5 m. Serbs, 5 m. Croats, ½m. Hungarians, ½m. Germans, the rest presumably Slovenes. Pan-Slav feeling strong among the poorer classes. Sunday Times [c]
1. One of Daladier’s decrees sets up separate propaganda dep.t under P.M.’s control. Working hours of civil service raised from 40 to 45. France’s gold reserves now said to be second only to that of U.S.A. Gold holding of Bank of France is £560 m.  Sunday Times [d]
2. I.R.A. suspects already being deported in fairly large numbers (about 20 hitherto). Sunday Times [e]; Daily Telegraph, 29.7.39 [f]

[a]Sunday Times 30-7-39 Page 15Sunday Times 30-7-39 Page 16-2 [b]Sunday Times 30-7-39 Page 16 [c]Sunday Times 30-7-39 Page 14 [d]Sunday Times 30-7-39 Page 16-3 [e]Sunday Times 30-7-39 Page 15-2 [f]Daily Telegraph 29-7-39 Page 1-2

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