Most of day overcast, heavy showers & thunder about mid-day. Weeded onions. Pricked[1] out 35 carnations. The wallflowers planted on 11.7.39 about 3” to 4” high. One hollyhock which is coming into flower is white. There are therefore 4 colours (dark red, light red, pale pink, white) from the original dark seed. Peas are very good, much more than we can eat.
Last cwt. of corn finished this morning. Begun on 4.7.39, should by calculation have lasted to about August 10th, but the 8 pullets have been fed on it for the last 3 weeks, also to some extent the 6 next chicks. Full-o-pep bought at same time only about 2/3 gone.
11 eggs [2] (3 pullets? Evidently at least 1 pullet is now laying.)

[1] ‘Planted’ crossed out; ‘Pricked’ inserted.
[2] ‘8 eggs’ was originally written and changed to ’11 eggs’; presumably amended after the three pullets’ eggs were found. Peter Davison

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3 Responses to 31.7.39.

  1. M. Serapis says:

    I thought I would really begin to enjoy this virtual blog more as the war started up. But now that Eric is including clipping and such to do with the build up to war, I find that I enjoy these posts just as much, maybe more! We all know of wars and rumors of wars. But what do we really know of peace? here is a man who knows how to live in peace.

  2. Orange Required says:

    The secret to peace: Eggs.

  3. CAL says:

    I’ve just read the pamphlet on food distribution in case of war. Reminds me of that time. The British government was apparently on top of the food distribution situation and was even already considering how to handle fair distribution for the children who were to be evacuated.

    We, too, had ration books after we entered the war. I remember using them for fats, meats, and I think sugar. Also for shoes, and — the one that caused the most problems — gasoline. But compared to Britain, we had it easy.

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