Warm. A few drops of rain. Pricked[1] out wallflowers (yellow) & sweet williams. Calculate roughly that each row of peas (about 12 yards) will yield 15-20 lb. Started new cwt. Of wheat & kibbled maize today. This has to do for 23 adult fowls & 8 pullets (almost full grown). At 11/2oz per bird per day should last till about September 8th.
10 eggs (3 small – 3 pullets laying now.)

[1] Substituted for ‘Planted’ which is crossed out.

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1 Response to 1.8.39.

  1. Max says:

    Eric isn’t going to be caught out by any war. There’s plenty of grub in that thar farmyard of his.

    Abd if things get bad he can always eat the flowers


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