Foreign & General
1. Announced today that ration cards are already printed & ready. Daily Telegraph [a]
2. Chamberlain’s speech broadcast throughout the U.S.S.R. Daily Telegraph [b]
3. Number of Ukrainian leaders arrested in Poland. Daily Telegraph [c]
1. Labour MPs’ complaints in Parliament about conditions in militia turn upon such things as militiamen sleeping 8 in a tent. Daily Telegraph [d]
2. Appears that German Jewish refugees are settling in great numbers in certain parts of London, eg. Golders Green, & buying houses which they have plenty of money to do. Private (C.W.)[1]
Party Politics
1. Rumours of quarrels among Spanish refugee higher-ups in Paris over money & disagreements between Negrin & Prieto. Private (R.R.)[2]
2. Col. Wedgwood’s Catholic Constituents (to number 5000, mostly working-class) in Newcastle under Lyne,° have memorialized stating that they will vote against him. Private (C.W.)

[a]Daily Telegraph 2-8-39 Page 1 [b]Daily Telegraph 2-8-39 Page 11 [c]Daily Telegraph 2-8-39 Page 11-2 [d]Daily Telegraph 2-8-39 Page 10

[1] Probably Cyril Wright, a friend of Orwell’s and Douglas Moyle’s from their service in Spain.
[2] Either Orwell’s friend Richard Rees or Reginald Reynolds (1905-1958), journalist and author, Quaker and pacifist, who supported the non-Communist Republicans in Spain and was a brilliant speaker for the ILP. Peter Davison

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4 Responses to 2.8.39.

  1. Max says:

    The voice of Chamberlain echoed through the Urals. Makes you proud to be British.

    But rationing, eh? What next, identity cards? The Daily Mail will never stand for it.


  2. Siberian reindeer herders reported hearing Chamberlain’s voice wafting across Lake Baikal.

    While on a surprise, all-expense paid trip to Lubyanka, one of the herders confessed to saying, “What the…..?” as he searched the sky for the face of God.

    Of course, this same herder later denied having been startled by Chamberlain; laughing it off as nothing but the result of a vodka shortage.

  3. Wiley says:

    Any word on chocolate rations?

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