Unbroken rain from early this morning till about 8pm. One or two dahlias now in flower. Examining yesterday one of the large black slugs common at this time of year (about 4” long when extended) noticed that the curious holes they have a little way behind the head opens & shuts more or less rhythmically, & has inside whitish tissue like sago pudding. Possibly this is their breathing hole?
Some oats cut, barley mostly ripe & looks very good, no wheat ripe.
Toadflax in flower. Only one or two plums on the wild plum tree.
Gave M. her worm powder, with great difficulty, having kept her more or less without food all day.
12 eggs (1 small – 1 pullet is now laying larger eggs.)

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4 Responses to 3.8.39.

  1. david walsh says:

    Laying larger eggs eh….. What did the chicken know about the ration book future that was denied to mere mankind ?

  2. All kidding aside:
    Here I am, looking over Eric’s shoulder, cringing as he fondles a 4-inch, Black Slug and peers, wide-eyed, into the Black Slug’s [more or less] rhythmically-frothing nose-hole.

    I guess he didn’t know that it was actually an escaped Sago Pudding Slug.

  3. Max says:

    Worm power! Now, that’s the stiff. I know a few goats who would benefit greatly from a dose or two of that!


  4. Max says:

    I meant ‘the stuff’, but a stiff dose of the stuff is an even better idea.


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