No rain, fairly warm. The big crab tree in the lane has failed to produce any apples, but found others with fruit. Blackberries still only in flower. Hazel nuts still solid inside. Inne’s cows due to calve shortly.
Waterhens still have quite small chicks. Many young rabbits. Found dead cat in lane. Notice that hens will eat the large black slugs. Forgot to mention that on Thursday saw what I think must have been a hawfinch. Greenfinches in the hen run from time to time, but goldfinches uncommon here.
11 eggs (3 small)

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2 Responses to 6.8.39.

  1. James Russell says:

    Hens eating black slugs. Now there’s an idea for my garden. Do they eat grey ones and those really creepy almost transparent ones too, Eric?

    Surprised that blackberries are only in flower (no 21st century communications device jokes, please). Went urban fruit picking on Saturday and picked 750g of the things.

    Political situation is getting unstable. Looks like trouble ahead, methinks.

  2. The Ridger says:

    Yes, the blackberries seem quite late. I saw a waterhen nesting (in Yorkshire) back in May, so that seems late, too.

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