1. “Soc. Corresp.” repeats complaints about food etc. in militia camps with implication that the men are being treated rough more or less willfully. Socialist Correspondence
2. 57 people reported shot in connection with recent political murders in Madrid (number of people murdered was apparently 3). Daily Telegraph [a]
Party Politics
1. Members of the P.S.O.P. arrested in France in connection with anti-war activities. C.P. making accusations of Nazi agency etc. Socialist Correspondence; The Week, 2.8.39
2. Bela Kun again reported shot (from Vienna source this time). Daily Telegraph [b]
3. Adm.l Sir Barry Domville° chairman of “The Link”, describes statement of Hoare & Mandler as a lie & hopes they will repeat it outside Parliament. Daily Telegraph [c]

[a]Daily Telegraph 7-8-39 Page 1Daily Telegraph 7-8-39 Page 8-2 [b]Daily Telegraph 7-8-39 Page 5 [c]Daily Telegraph 7-8-39 Page 8

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3 Responses to 7.8.39.

  1. Max says:

    With all this mayhem – political assassination, people shot en masse, spies everywhere – no wonder the frogs are migrating and the newts are throwing themselves in front of cars. (See Garden Diary)

    What a world!


  2. Steve says:

    This is at least the second time Bela Kun has been reported shot in these pages. According to Wikipedia, he was actually shot almost a year ago. The newts knew.

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