Foreign & General
1. Chinese dollar has now dropped below 4d. Daily Telegraph [a]
2. Danzig senate° appears to have climbed down in dispute over Polish customs officials. Daily Telegraph [b]
3. Again reported that a large number of Asturian soldiers are still holding out in the mountains. Daily Telegraph [c]
1. Complete column given in D. Tel. To “The Link”, besides extra piece on front page. Statement by organizers that they are not propaganda agents etc. Statement that Prof. Laurie received £150 for “The Case for Germany” from German publishing firm, British firms having refused to publish the book which was “pro-German”. Statement that Leeds branch of “the° Link” was voluntarily dissolved as organizers considered the German end was under Nazi control. Daily Telegraph [d]
2. D.Tel gives a column (in news section) to summarizing “Germany’s War Chances”, the Gollancz book translated from the Hungarian, for publication of which the author is being persecuted in Hungary. Daily Telegraph [e]
1. Death of Leonard Merrick[1] makes front page (just) of D.Tel. Daily Telegraph [f]

[a]Daily Telegraph 8-8-39 Page 7 [b]Daily Telegraph 8-8-39 Page 1-3 [c]Daily Telegraph 8-8-39 Page 7-2 [d]Daily Telegraph 8-8-39 Page 1Daily Telegraph 8-8-39 Page 10 [e]Daily Telegraph 8-8-39 Page 10-2 [f]Daily Telegraph 8-8-39 Page 1-2

[1] Leonard Merrick (1864-1939), born Miller, was a novelist, now almost forgotten, but in 1918 a collected edition of his novels was published in which each was introduced by a distinguished author. He was described by Sir James Barrie as ‘the novelist’s novelist,’ and William Dean Howells put him next in stature to Jane Austen. The Position of Peggy Harper (1911) was to be reissued in the Century Library series, and Orwell wrote an introduction to it. A page proof survives, dated 1948, though Orwell probably wrote the introduction in 1945; see Complete Works, 2957. The volume was never issued. See Crick, 500. Peter Davison

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1 Response to 8.8.39.

  1. Max says:

    The Daily Telegraph and a ‘Hungarian expert’ – who can beat that? It’s obvious that Hitler is bluffing, couldn’t possibly fight a war, and, if he tried anything, could be beaten with one hand tied behind the back.

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