Foreign and General

1. Franco assumes more or less full powers of dictator. Daily Telegraph [a]

2. The King inspects Reserve Fleet of 133 warships. Daily Telegraph [b]


1. Complaints (not very important) at militia camp in Devon reveal that reservists in large numbers have been called up as instructors. Daily Telegraph [c]

2. 14 C.Os tried by tribunals, not harshly treated but work of national importance insisted on. Questions much as in great war.° No report of C.Os on other than religious-moral grounds. Secretary of S. Wales Miners’ Federation on the tribunal. Daily Telegraph [d]

3. Anti-Hitler jokes in “Eggs”. Eggs, 8.8.39 [1]

4. Interior lamps of London buses now fitted with removable blue cowls for use in air-raids. Daily Telegraph, 9.8.39 [e]

Party Politics

1. After 6 weeks of no gov.t, Dutch national gov.t formed of several parties including two social-democrats. Daily Telegraph [f]

2. Reported that at September conference I.L.P. National Council will advocate unconditional affiliation to L.P. Daily Telegraph [g]

[a]Daily Telegraph 10-8-39 Page 1-3 [b]Daily Telegraph 10-8-39 Page 1Daily Telegraph 10-8-39 Page 11 [c]Daily Telegraph 10-8-39 Page 1-2 [d]Daily Telegraph 10-8-39 Page 12 [e]Daily Telegraph 9-8-39 Page 10 [f]Daily Telegraph 10-8-39 Page 9 [g]Daily Telegraph 10-8-39 Page 12-2

[1] Eggs, the official organ of the Scientific Poultry Breeders’ Association, as a weekly founded in 1919. Orwell had been corresponding with the Association about feed for his hens around 26-27 July 1939. Peter Davison

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6 Responses to 10.8.39

  1. Max says:

    So, now the truth is revealed. Eric had TWO eggs for breakfast – one to eat and one to read!

    But, those were the days – Bomber Command in the hands of a ‘human Wykhamist’; the Labour Pary referred to as ‘The Socialist Party’ – or is that just the DT? – Royalty hobnobbing with journalists and photographers, and with only one policeman to look after them. Golly!

    Is there any bright spark out there who can dilate for us on Eric’s choice of newspapers at this time? He certainly relies quite heavily on the DT. Why that paper? Was it the paper his old Dad used to take, or is it the rag he read out in the Colonial Club in Mandalay?

  2. Abbey Nationalist says:

    Maybe he liked the Crossword?

  3. Max says:

    Ah, yes, and William Boot’s gardening notes on the same page!

  4. Steve says:

    What would be some examples of “anti-Hitler jokes” that would be appropriate for the organ of the Scientific Poultry Breeders’ Association? Can’t find any online, and I’m not awake enough to be able to risk making one up….

  5. Max says:

    Scene: Railway carriage travelling between Featherstone and Chalk Farm.

    Old Gent (reading the pro-fascist ‘Goosestep Monthly’): They do say Hitler’s a really good egg.

    Young Gent (reading the pro-socialist ‘Red Rooster’): Yes, but a bit cracked, ain’t ‘e?

    This got a really good laugh backing August 1939.

  6. Max says:

    That should be ‘back in August 1939. My 1939 computer keys are sticking.

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