Rain during much of the day. Cut side-shoots out of tomatoes (this should have been done much earlier), began preparing another patch for greens, put up another coops for the ducks, as the 7 of them can hardly crowd into one coop now. Note that fresh goat manure when piled sets up a certain amount of heat, though seemingly not as much as horse manure.
10 eggs (2 small).

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9 Responses to 10.8.39.

  1. James Russell says:

    OK, I’ve come back from the weekend, rain pouring down outside the window, and slugs appearing all over the garden, waiting with expectation the results of the GO/EB survey on slugs and their favourite foodstuffs.

    And nothing.


  2. The Ridger says:

    “Seemingly” less than horse manure? George, where’s the experimental proof? Find someone with a horse!

  3. So glad to know the difference between goat and horse manure. Now, how can I work it into a conversation…?

  4. Yes. I waited for years for the opportunity to share some trivia I had learned [quite by accident] about poop and I finally got that opportunity a couple of days ago. And, by golly, here’s another opportunity!

    Me: Speaking of poop, do you know why it’s brown?
    Mrs. 3rd: Uh, no?
    Me: I do. Wanna know?
    [uncontrollable laughter ensued for about ten minutes]
    Mrs. 3rd: Uh, well, I guess so?
    [more laughter]
    Me: Dead red blood cells.
    Mrs. 3rd: Oh.
    [awkward silence]

  5. Steve says:

    I’m not sure I buy the dead red blood cells explanation, but it’s an interesting possibility. Do you have a citation? Compost is brown or dark-colored, for example, because of the oxidized phenolic compounds. And horse poop is really more greenish when it’s fresh….

  6. I honestly regret having posted the aforementioned anecdote. I am now feeling eerily despondent as a result of having mortified myself before the Entire Universe, even for all of space/time; it was quite funny, there in the moment, because I am always trying to amaze Mrs. 3rd that I’ve “Got amazing powers of observation.”

    [Some of those observing him are positing that it might have been a red flag; signaling the imminent onset of Wormholitis of the Brain. Many heads nodded in unison.]

    And here, all along, he thought it was simply an overdose of The Military Channel in combination with the wormhole obsession.

    For almost a year now, he thought, I have been doing my best to see world events through my father’s eyes from his vantage point there in Toledo OH USA, now 18.5 years old. George Orwell is the set designer. Meanwhile, my mother is in Russia; she’s 2-3 years younger.

    Seventy years from now, as I’m typing this, John Lennon is singing Mother on VH1.

  7. med says:

    “Seemingly” less than horse manure? George, where’s the experimental proof? Find someone with a horse!

  8. david walsh says:

    all you ever wanted to know about stool colouring here:


  9. Steve says:

    JL3rd: I am so sorry to have doubted you. I asked a friend who is a genuine medical physiologist, and he says you are right. True, the red blood cells are broken open, proteins and iron removed before what’s left of the hemoglobin is chemically modified and pushed overboard into the gut, but the brown color indeed starts with blood, just as you said.

    Mrs. 3rd: your husband has amazing powers of observation. Treat him extra-special!

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