Warm & fine. In the reservoir came upon waterhen with one very small chick. This was in close to the side & remained absolutely still, on my prodding it & turning it over with a stalk of hemlock it still made no move, so that I thought it was dead, then suddenly dived & remained under water for several minutes.
The watersnail’s eggs appear to have hatched & the creatures are moving about, but they are still jellified & in some kind of embryonic state, not, as I had thought, fully developed before they come out.
Cut first marrow today. Fair amount of beans now.
11 eggs (3 small).

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2 Responses to 11.8.39.

  1. timothyMN says:

    Is the Orwell Prize fed up with the image that normally appears at the top of the page? You know the one with Orwell sitting there and some of his handwriting scrawled across it.

    Or is there some other reason for not seeing it? Its been banned by your ISP? There are copyright problems? Someone stole it? The cat’s eaten it? Or was it the goat?

    Cos if we could have it back then the page would not take so long to load and I would not have to stair at a timer icon for so long.


  2. @timothyMN

    Not quite sure what happened there, but the header image should now be back up…

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