Foreign & General
1. German-Italian “compromise” scheme for Polish problem alleged to have been formulated, in a form that obviously would not be accepted by Poland. Daily Telegraph [a]
2. Staff talks in Moscow have begun. Daily Telegraph [b]
1. Yesterday’s Sunday Express had scare article on the illegal Jewish immigration into Palestine which was in effect anti-Jew propaganda Sunday Express, 13.8.39 [c]
2. It appears that the opening of letters to persons connected with leftwing° parties is now so normal as to excite no remark. [E.H.][1]
3. G.K.[2] claims that the C.P. are so strongly entrenched in the French police & other public services that the gov.t can do nothing against them. [File S.P.1]
Party Politics
1. According to G.K., membership of the PSOP is now only 4000 [File S.P.1]
2. According to E.H., the Bermondsey anti-war conference was prevented from arriving at anything definite by the action of a few Trotskyists who will have no truck with pacifists & said so so violently as to antagonize the latter. [E.H.]
3. According to E.H., the older members of the I.L.P. are on the whole opposed to affiliation, the newer members in favour, but the only leading I.L.P’er who is uncompromisingly against is C.A. Smith[3] [E.H.].

[a]Daily Telegraph 14-8-39 Page 1Daily Telegraph 14-8-39 Page 7 [b]Daily Telegraph 14-8-39 Page 1-2Daily Telegraph 14-8-39 Page 9 [c]Sunday Express 13-8-39 Page 5

[1] Unidentified; possibly someone in the ILP.
[2] Probably George Kopp, Orwell’s commander in Spain.
[3] C.A. Smith was editor of Controversy, later Left Forum and then Left, a socialist monthly dedicated to the realization of a classless society; see 382,n.1. He, with Orwell and others, urged that Rudolf Hess be interrogated at Nuremberg in 1946 regarding an alleged meeting with Trotsky; see Forward, 25 February 1946. Peter Davison

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4 Responses to 14.8.39.

  1. zebrambizi says:

    In retrospect it probably was a bad mistake for the ILP to affiliate to the Labour party which led to the ILPs absorbtion and destruction. We could do with the ILP now.

  2. Max says:

    Perhaps we could do with ANY kind of Labour Party.

  3. Stephen says:

    Yes that would be great, a Labour party in opposition again just like in 1939. So much better, purer really, than actually having a Labour Government – I don’t think

  4. Max says:

    Power at any price, eh?

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