Foreign & General
1. Announced that full scheme for national register is now ready. Daily Telegraph [a]
Party Politics
1. I.L.P. dissociating itself from P.P.U.’s friendly attitude towards “the° Link” New Leader, 18.8.39
2. More evidences° of struggle going on between Negrin & Prieto, cf. 2.8.39 [File S.P.1 (as ‘i’)]
3. Speakers at Keir Hardie memorial to be: Maxton, Dallas (L[abour].P[arty].E[xecutive].C[ommittee].), Ebby Edwards (T.U.C.), Jas. Barr MP., Duncan Graham MP. New Leader, 18.8.39

[a]Daily Telegraph 17-8-39 Page 1

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9 Responses to 17.8.39.

  1. david walsh says:

    And the Chamberlain givernment didn’t need or use an army of highly expensive consultants to set up an ID scheme. So there was something to be said for them then !

  2. Max says:

    Yes, but in those days there were not so many people here trying to avoid detection, not so much forgery technology so readily available, and no pubescent Labour politicians in high office liable to become overexcited, bewitched and bewildered by incomprehensible computer systems with built-in self-destruct facilities.

  3. david walsh says:

    God, i thought this would be the one site where we would be free of trolls of whatever description or political colour…………………

  4. Max says:

    Oh dear! Who began this by eulogizing Chamberlain et al?

    But now we’ve been told. ‘This site is about Orwell. So no politcs please.’

  5. david walsh says:

    I would argue for political discourse and debate in Orwellian terms (this excludes the psycho-babble of the Daily Mail and toery bloggers)

  6. Max says:

    Ah, I see. No DM here, Old Boy. You’re rading without your spectacles again! Next thing you know someone will start blogging about politicians as ‘pigs’ and the police as ‘attack dogs’. What’s the old blog coming to?

  7. david walsh says:

    And also in rleation to commen ts about Chamberlain look up the word ‘Irony’ in your nearest dictionary

  8. Max says:

    OK. I give up. There are no people in this country trying to avoid detection, no easily-available forgery technology, and all Labour ministers are wise old birds who fully comprehend cumpter systems and would not be out of place among Plato’s Guardians.

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