Foreign & General
1. M.G. diplomatic correspondent considers Spain will almost certainly remain neutral in case of war. The new cabinet balances the soldiers fairly evenly against the Falangists. Manchester Guardian Weekly [a]
1. Appears now fairly certain that the 4 Chinese alleged terrorists will be handed over to the Japanese, in spite of plea in London for writ of habeas corpus. Manchester Guardian Weekly [b]
2. Details of national register now worked out, but announced that actual registration will not take place except on outbreak of war or possibly at 1941 census. Manchester Guardian Weekly [c]
3. Spanish immigration into Mexico said to be proving very successful. [File S.P.1)

[a]MG Weekly 18-8-39 Page 121MG Weekly 18-8-39 Page 123MG Weekly 18-8-39 Page 125MG Weekly 18-8-39 Page 130 [b]MG Weekly 18-8-39 Page 121-2MG Weekly 18-8-39 Page 125-2 [c]MG Weekly 18-8-39 Page 127

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1 Response to 18.8.39.

  1. Max says:

    Britain handing over suspects to a government that might deny them due process? Never heard of such a thing.

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