Foreign & General
1. Germans are buying heavily in copper & rubber for immediate delivery, & price of rubber rising rapidly. Daily Telegraph [a]
2. Indications that difference of some kind has arisen in Moscow staff talks (stated by Tass agency not to be connected with Far East). Daily Telegraph [b]
3. Stated more or less officially in Madrid that Spain will remain neutral. [No reference]
1. Inquiries into the activities of the Bund in U.S.A., rather as into those of “the° Link” here. Evident that i. all these associations have been used for Nazi propaganda & ii. that attempts will be progressively made to break down cultural relations between Germany & the democracies. Daily Telegraph [c]
2. The police are getting wise to the marriage of convenience (as a way of obtaining Brit. Nationality for German women) & are going to recommend deportation in these cases. Daily Telegraph [d]
3. Number of I.R.A. suspects expelled up to date is about 90. Daily Telegraph [e]
4. Numbers of militiamen said to have been found to be completely illiterate. News Chronicle [f]
1. Ministry of Agric. Returns for the first of 1/2 1939 indicate following developments: total acreage under crops & grass about 24 3/4 mill., decrease of about 80, 000 acres, but arable land increased by about 50, 000 acres & permanent grass decreased by 130, 000 acres. (Changes said to have taken place before gov.t’s subsidy for ploughing-up took effect.)
Area under wheat decreased by 150, 000 acres, potatoes by about 20, 000 acres, peas & cabbages also decreased, field beans increased & oats & barley increased by 56, 000 & 25, 000 acres resp.
Most stock increased largely, except pigs & work horses, which decreased by about 50, 000 & 14, 000 resp. Fowls increased by 200, 000 head Smallholder

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5 Responses to 19.8.39.

  1. John H says:

    I wonder how many of those German women being expelled for marriages of convenience were Jewish?

  2. Max says:

    Auden and Erika Mann is probably the best-known marriage of convenience from that time. Does anyone know of any other examples?

  3. Nemo says:

    The novelist John Hampson entered into a marriage of convenience with a German-Jewish actress in 1936 to give her British citizenship. This apparantly was suggested to him by Auden.


  4. david walsh says:

    On a convergent track, the Genreral wo sounded off about illiteracy amongst recruits was General Wiliam Birdwood, whose daughter in law – the Dowanger Lady Birdwood – became a object of fun as a rather dotty old facist active in both the National Fromt and the BNP (whom she stood fror in a by-election in the 1990’s). She became notoriouls for arguing that that an edict passed to expel Jews from Englandf in the 13th century had never been withdrawn, and should therefore still be enforced

  5. Max says:

    There’s a comic account of Hampson’s marriage in ‘As I Walked Down New Grub Street’ by Walter Allen – lovely man who used to appear on the BBC Radio’s ‘The Critics’, sadly axed around ten years ago.

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