Foreign & General
1. Lloyd George predicts the Danzig crisis coming to a head very shortly. Also hints (S.Express puts this in leaded type) that if the Poles deliberately back down we are under no obligation to act. Sunday Express [a]
2. Tokyo conversations suspended, owing to G. Britain declaring necessity of consulting other nations on Chinese currency question. Sunday Times [b]
1. Row over Spender articles still reverberating in Sunday Times. Sunday Times [c]
Party Politics
1. Peter Howard speaks of general election more or less as a certainty & predicts that increased old age pensions will be one of the gov.t’s bribes. Sunday Express [d]
2. In case of general election happening this autumn, a bill will be passed to keep the existing gov.t in being during the election period,[1] owing to the crisis. Sunday Times

[a]Sunday Express 20-8-39 Page 12 [b]Sunday Times 20-8-39 Page 15 [c]Sunday Times 20-8-39 Page 8Sunday Times 20-8-39 Page 10 [d]Sunday Express 20-8-39 Page 12-2
[1] Orwell originally wrote ‘crisis’ for ‘period.’ Peter Davison

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2 Responses to 20.8.39.

  1. The Ridger says:

    “S.Express puts this in leaded type” – this is bold-face, I presume? Are they agreeing or disagreeing, I wonder?

  2. Phil Barker says:

    Leaded type is indented on both side, today it might be referred to as block quotes. Lead strips were inserted either side of the type blocks. And they were agreeing.

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