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1. Fresh enquiries by American I.P.O. indicates that the number of people believing U.S.A. would be involved in world war has greatly increased (to about 75%). Number thinking U.S.A. would send troops to Europe still only 25%. Daily Telegraph [a]
2. Japanese preparing blockade of Hong Kong, obviously in order to put pressure on London over silver & currency question. Daily Telegraph [b]
3. £10 m. 2 year trade agreement signed between Germany & U.S.S.R. for exchange of German manufactured goods versus Russian raw materials. Daily Telegraph [c]
4. Strategic bridge from Danzig to E. Prussia completed. Daily Telegraph [d]
1. Railway strike for 50/- minimum wage likely within the next week or two. Daily Telegraph [e]
2. Stated that England can now supply herself with optical glass in case of war. Daily Telegraph [f]

[a]Daily Telegraph 21-8-39 Page 7 [b]Daily Telegraph 21-8-39 Page 1 [c]Daily Telegraph 21-8-39 Page 7-2 [d]Daily Telegraph 21-8-39 Page 1-2 [e]Daily Telegraph 21-8-39 Page 10 [f]Daily Telegraph 21-8-39 Page 6

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4 Responses to 21.8.39.

  1. An art deco vision. Six hues of green. Yellow sky, red block letters.

    Across the top: “…..locomotive men will go over the top.”
    [insert image of choice]
    Across the bottom: “Look, Mummy, there’s an airplane up in the sky!”

  2. Max says:

    You say ‘locomotive men’, we say ‘railway workers’; you say ‘airplane’ and we say ‘aeroplane’. Let’s call the whole thing off.

  3. andrew says:

    so #3, the German-Soviet economic agreement, is that the public face of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact (made final on August 24th)?

  4. Max says:

    Don’t give the end away.

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