Hot till evening, then heavy thunder & rain. Cut side-shoots out of tomatoes, dug in a little ash from bonfire round their roots, cleared & burnt first lot of dwarf peas & began digging over this patch of ground, which will do for leeks. Planted some of those yellow flowers (sort of summer chrysanthemum) which Mrs Hollingsworth gave us, though do not know whether they will take, as some are already in flower. Gave liquid manure to some of the larkspurs. A good many self-sown antirrhinums about.
Weighed the remaining 5 ducks, which go to market tomorrow. The 5 weigh just on 24 lb., the heaviest about 5 1/4lb. They are just 7 1/2weeks old.
8 eggs (2 small).

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2 Responses to 21.8.39.

  1. Okay, what is a “rrhinum” and who is this allegedly “self-sown” opposition known as the “antirrhinum?

    Kudos. The covert ops in the garden and coop [not to mention the remote surveillance of the duck pond] are paying off with great intel.

  2. Michael says:

    An obvious point, worth mentioning: the approaching thunderstorms we’ve all been waiting on, are literally here. You can’t make this stuff up, it would just sound too contrived. Way to go Orwell Dairies!

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