Drizzle in the morning, rest of day fine & hot. The mist is now very thick in the early mornings. Dug some more of the patch for the leeks, gave liquid manure to larkspurs etc. E. planted some more godetias. Only 11/- for ducks weighing 24lb. Complete account is in the egg book, but worth noting here that, putting aside the bread & milk of their first week, 91 lb. of mash (actually more – say 95lb. – as they occasionally had some of the other birds’ food) equals 32lb. of meat, or about (allowing for everything) 31/4lb. of feed for 1lb of meat.
One of the newts is now mature. Its gill formations are gone & it lies on top of the water with its head in the air much of the time. The watersnail was yesterday sucking at the piece of raw meat we put in for the newts.
Marx discovered to be very lousy, ears full of nits, no doubt partly owing to the hot weather. E. treating him with antiseptic soap, flea powder & also vinegar, which loosens the nits, allowing them to be combed out.
11 eggs (4 small). Cwt. Of corn begun today.

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4 Responses to 22.8.39.

  1. The Ridger says:

    George discovers that the higher up you go on the food chain, the less efficient it seems. I wonder how much the mash cost compared to the 11/- (is that shillings or pounds?) he got for the ducks? I suppose I could figure it out, but I don’t wonder that much to be honest…

  2. Steve says:

    I expect the duck price to mash cost ratio is worked out in detail in the egg book. Presumably the egg book is lost to history, else I would hope we’d be reading it here.

  3. Martin says:

    That is 11 shillings. Shillings left of the solidus, pence to the right, but in this case there are no pence and so the dash.

  4. Stephen says:

    What more egg details could possibly be inscribed in the egg book, above and beyond the scrupulous and exhaustive amount of egg detail we get here in the main journal? Is there a name for the syndrome of recording details about eggs?

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