Foreign & General
1. Parliament meeting tomorrow. Emergency Powers Act will be passed. Certain classes of reservists called up. The King returning to London. Reservists being called up in France & Germany. Legislation to be hurried through Parliament to prevent further buying of nickel,° copper etc. by Germany. Almost all shares have dropped, no doubt in anticipation of this. World press comments as quoted in D.Tel. are very non-committal but the Axis powers evidently greatly pleased by the Russian demarche. Daily Telegraph [a]
1. Railway strike now arranged to begin in a few days’ time. Daily Telegraph [b]
Party Politics
1. Communist Party membership stated at 17, 000,[1] which is increase of 2000 over last year. C.P. again applying for application to L[abour].P[arty]. Daily Telegraph [c]
[1] 40% of this in London, & membership in industrial areas negligible (C.P. pamphlet) [Orwell’s note]

[a]Daily Telegraph 23-8-39 Page 1Daily Telegraph 23-8-39 Page 3Daily Telegraph 23-8-39 Page 11Daily Telegraph 23-8-39 Page 12Daily Telegraph 23-8-39 Page 13Daily Telegraph 23-8-39 Page 14 [b]Daily Telegraph 23-8-39 Page 1-2 [c]Daily Telegraph 23-8-39 Page 14-2

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6 Responses to 23.8.39.

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  3. Vyacheslav Molotov and Joachim von Ribbentrop are keeping secrets.

  4. passer-by says:

    “C.P. again applying for application”? This should surely read “C.P. again applying for affilitation”, as in its present form it makes no sense. Mistranscribed, or a slip of the pen by Orwell himself?

  5. passer-by says:

    Apologies for my own typo (see how easy it is?): that should be AFFILIATION

  6. @passer-by

    According to the Complete Works, it does indeed say ‘applying for application’, maybe not quite up to GO’s usual standards!

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