Hot. Dug some more of the patch for leeks, transferred the cockerels (5) to the small pen, deloused the hen-houses. Great trouble getting rid of the red mite, which multiplies very fast in this weather. They have to be burned out, but even so it is hard to make sure of them. A plumber’s blowlamp is what one needs. When a house is infested badly the hens will not go into it.
Found nest of 14 (Rhode) eggs laid out, evidently not very new, so shall not sell them or enter them in the account, though the one I tried was not bad.
8 eggs (4 small). Sold 20 @ 2/6, & 10 @ 1/- score.

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1 Response to 23.8.39.

  1. The Ridger says:

    Why do I have a vision of the hens standing around a burnt-out shell of a henhouse?..

    “The one I tried was not bad” – wow.

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