Foreign & General
1. N. Henderson has returned to Berlin with Brit. Gov.t’s reply & Parliament meets this afternoon when presumably the affair will be elucidated.
2. E[mergency].P[owers]. Act coming into force. Admiralty has not only assumed control of the shipping but ordered all British shipping out of the Mediterranean & the Baltic.
3. Practice evacuation of school children said to have gone off successfully. Children to stand by in schools though this is not term time.
4. Japanese Cabinet has resigned as result of Russo-German pact. Evident that Japanese policy will now become pro-British.

The Times [a], News Chronicle [b] – both 29.8.39 – and Bournemouth Echo [c], 28.9.39; Daily Telegraph [d], 29.8.39; and Radio [no date]

1. Private motorists for some days past have been buying up large quantities of petrol [No references]
Party Politics
1. Labour Party still declaring against accepting officer. Said that in case of war a Labour representative would accept office but only on terms defined by the party & so stringent as to be probably unacceptable to the Nat. gov.t. News Chronicle [e]
1. It appears from reliable private information that Sir O. Mosley is a masochist of the extreme type in his sexual life [Private]

[a]The Times 29-8-39 Page 7The Times 29-8-39 Page 8The Times 29-8-39 Page 9 FullThe Times 29-8-39 Page 10The Times 29-8-39 Page 11The Times 29-8-39 Page 11-2The Times 29-8-39 Page 11-3 [b]NC 29-8-39 Page 1NC 29-8-39 Page 2NC 29-8-39 Page 3NC 29-8-39 Page 8 [c]Echo 28-8-39 Page 1Echo 28-8-39 Page 1-2Echo 28-8-39 Page 3Echo 28-8-39 Page 5Echo 28-8-39 Page 5-2 [d]Daily Telegraph 29-8-39 Page 1Daily Telegraph 29-8-39 Page 7Daily Telegraph 29-8-39 Page 9Daily Telegraph 29-8-39 Page 11Daily Telegraph 29-8-39 Page 12Daily Telegraph 29-8-39 Page 13Daily Telegraph 29-8-39 Page 14 [e]NC 29-8-39 Page 2 Labour

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7 Responses to 29.8.39.

  1. Stephen says:

    At last, we get to the diary entry that appears on the Diaries masthead. I hope this doesn’t mean the end of the road for this journal …

    Wrong about the Japanese.

    And some salacious anti-Mosley gossip, filed of course under “miscellaneous”. Wonder who Eric’s source was?

  2. The Ridger says:

    “Japanese Cabinet has resigned as result of Russo-German pact. Evident that Japanese policy will now become pro-British.”

    Wow. Almost the textbook example of “wrong”.

  3. Men sleep peacefully in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Interesting gossip about Mosley in light of what his son was recently accused of doing!

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  6. david walsh says:

    What was EB doing in Bournemouth ?

  7. Martin says:

    Apparently he was in Ringwood – see the entry for 31.08.39. Ringwood is in the circulation area for the Bournemouth Echo.

    So what was he doing in Ringwood?

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