Foreign & General
1. No definite news. Poland has called up more reserves but this does not yet amount to full mobilization. German occupation of Slovakia continues & 300, 000 men said to be now at strategic points on Polish frontier. Hitler has set up inner cabinet of 6 not including Ribbentrop.
16,000 children already evacuated from Paris. Evacuation of London children thought to be likely before long. No news one way or the other about ratification of Russo-German pact. Such slight indications as exist suggest pact will be ratified. German persecution of Jews said to be slightly diminished anti-German film withdrawn from Soviet pavilion at New York world fair°. Voroshilov reported as stating that U.S.S.R. would supply Poland with arms Daily Telegraph [a]; News Chronicle [b]; Daily Mirror [c]
1. Sir J. Anderson requests the public not to buy extra stores of food & to conserve those they have, & states that there is no food shortage. Daily Telegraph [d]
2. A.E.U. is now agreeing to dilution of labour. Daily Telegraph [e]
Party Politics
1. E’s report of speeches in Hyde Park suggests that Communist Party are taking more left wing line but not anxious to thrash out questions of Russo-German pact. Speaker (Ted Bramley) claimed that MPs who voted against E.P.Act were Gallacher, Wilkinson & A. Bevan & 1 other.  (Actually Maxton, Lansbury, C. Wilson & I other). [Private]

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4 Responses to 31.8.39.

  1. Edward Kercado says:

    “No definite news.”
    The pieces are in place.

  2. andrew says:

    oh.. reading these entries, and looking at the newspaper articles, it’s like starting to roll off a cliff, and knowing what’s happening. kind of sickening.

  3. Frank says:

    I have a very bad feeling about tomorrow.

  4. Stephen says:

    Imagine what CNN would make of these circumstances. “No news” indeed.

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